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LondonHouse Chicago Collaborates with B-Cycled Bottles for a Sustainable Celebration of Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo

LondonHouse Chicago Collaborates with B-Cycled Bottles for a Sustainable Celebration of Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo

LondonHouse Chicago x B-Cycled Bottles

This year, we’re celebrating Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo with a very special collaboration! We’ve partnered with B-Cycled Bottles, a Chicago-based small business started by Brandon Eckenrode, to bring you a unique tequila cocktail!

In honor of Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo, we’re unveiling this special cocktail with hopes of bringing attention to the importance of environmental conservation. This limited time cocktail experience will launch on Earth Day (April 22, 2024) and will run through Cinco De Mayo (May 5, 2024) — or until supplies last.

Our exclusive cocktail will be served in a creatively upcycled Clase Azul glass, highlighting one of Mexico's most esteemed tequilas. This presentation reflects both the luxury of LondonHouse Chicago and the environmental commitment of B-Cycled Bottles. This initiative not only offers guests a unique tasting experience but also promotes sustainability through the reuse of materials. The best part — when you purchase the cocktail the upcycled glassware is yours to keep!

The Cocktail

The cocktail is called “Mi Cielo” and is a fusion of premium ingredients and sustainability. Every drink is served in a transformed Clase Azul ceramic decanter. This unique presentation adds a touch of luxury and eco-consciousness to your drinking experience.

Mi Cielo » Clase Azul Reposado Tequila, fresh pressed cantaloupe juice, Mallorca melon tea syrup, cherry vanilla bitters, and watermelon powder rim • $50

"Mi Cielo," meaning "My Heaven," is a cocktail named for its sublime taste and the affection often expressed towards a loved one. It blends premium Clase Azul Reposado Tequila with fresh cantaloupe juice, house-made Mallorca melon tea syrup, and cherry vanilla bitters, creating a unique, refreshing mix. The watermelon powder rim adds a sweet, tart touch. Its flavor profile is a balance of sweet melon, rich tequila, and a hint of cherry vanilla.

The Visionary Behind B-Cycled Bottles

At the heart of this unique collaboration is Brandon Eckenrode, the creative mind behind B-Cycled Bottles. His journey into the world of upcycling began in 2015 while searching for distinctive party favors for his wife's birthday. This quest led him to transform empty liquor bottles into bespoke rocks glasses, a project that quickly blossomed from a personal endeavor into a thriving business dedicated to giving empty bottles a second life

Eckenrode's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in every aspect of his work. By upcycling bottles that might otherwise end up in landfills or recycling bins, he not only reduces waste but also celebrates the inherent beauty and artistry of these vessels. He has built a network of  bars and restaurants, both in Chicago and nationwide, which collect specific empty bottles for his projects. His creations have found homes in 13 countries, showcasing the global appeal of sustainable living.

For Eckenrode, B-Cycled Bottles is more than a business — it's a mission aligned with the broader movement towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Through collaborations like the one with LondonHouse Chicago, he aims to expand the reach of his sustainability efforts and inspire others to think creatively about reusing materials.

Celebrating with a Purpose

As we prepare to celebrate Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo, this collaboration with B-Cycled Bottles serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of sustainable practices. Our team invites guests to not only enjoy the pleasures of great food in a welcoming setting, but also to engage with the issue of sustainability.

This Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo, let's raise a glass to a future where luxury and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.


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