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For Maui: Loco Moco for a Cause

For Maui: Loco Moco for a Cause

As the smoke fades and the ashes settle, the heartbreaking aftermath of the catastrophic fires in Maui reveals itself. Lahaina, once a vibrant hub, now bears the scars of nature's wrath. The resilient spirit of its people shines through, but they need our help to rebuild and heal.

Enter our beloved Loco Moco.

Lovingly nicknamed the “HAWAIIAN GRINDS”, our Loco Moco is more than just a dish. It's a symbol of our connection to Hawaii and its rich culture. For over four years we've served this delectable dish — an Angus beef patty, SPAM fried rice, whiskey aged shoyu, and bone marrow demi, topped with a fried egg.

Chef Liz SweeneyBut there's a story behind this dish that runs deeper than our kitchen. Our very own Executive Chef, Liz Sweeney, lived in Kauai and it was her experiences there that inspired this reimagined version of one of Hawaii's most iconic comfort dishes.

Through the end of September, in solidarity with Maui, we pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds from every Loco Moco sold to those deeply affected by the fires. The funds will go to Chef Liz's former restaurant group, Merriman's, currently doing phenomenal work on the ground. They have been a beacon of hope, providing over 5000 meals to Maui's displaced families, first responders, and many others who find themselves amidst this crisis.

We're not just serving a dish; we're serving a cause. And we're inviting you, our cherished patrons, to dine with purpose. Come in, relish our Loco Moco, and become a part of the relief effort.

For more on Merriman's relief activities and how you can contribute further, please visit Merriman's and Monkeypod Relief.

Together, bite by bite, we can make a difference and help bring the Aloha spirit back to Maui.



Loco Moco "Hawaiian Grinds" 

Angus beef patty, SPAM fried rice, whiskey aged shoyu, and bone marrow demi, topped with a fried egg | $21

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